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Campus life

Students at the Como Campus have the opportunity to grow in an environment full of cultural events and enjoy the services and the support of all the activities typical of the university life:

  • advanced IT and technology laboratories with an excellent students/resources ratio
  • a university library with all the official textbooks of the courses
  • orientation, placement, traineeship and tutoring services
  • international study programmes, allowing students to study and work abroad for long period of time
  • a university canteen, near the lecture halls

DAE: Lifesaving Station

At the Como Campus (Via Valleggio 11, groundfloor) it is positioned a Defibrillator, donated  thanks to a charity initiative sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Como and supported by Banca Generali and LarioIN.

The location of the Defibrillator, valuable tool that allows you to exceed the time that elapses between the time of illness and the arrival of the rescue means (118), is indicated with appropriate signage.

Two of the units of the Como Campus staff have followed the training for the CPR (the massage cardiac) and the use of the Defibrillator, and obtained the relevant certification.

Defibrillator Position
Defibrillator Signage