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Hydroinformatics Lab

The Hydroinformatics Lab (HIL) aims at being a multi-disciplinary research laboratory dedicated to the design and application of new methods and technologies supported by ICT tools for the integrated and shared management of water resources in conditions of climate and social-economic changes.

HIL involves skills from different but potentially synergic disciplines, such as the management of natural resources, environmental engineering, hydrogeology, hydraulics, geomatics, information technology, economy, physics of matter and environmental chemistry. The chief aim of HIL is the development of "soft" solutions, ICT-based and/or smart economics, to reduce the vulnerability of social-economic systems and increase their resilience to extreme events and global changes.

HIL also provides support to the teaching activities in the Como Campus by supplying dedicated software, equipment and datasets.



prof. Andrea Castelletti


Via Valleggio 11, 22100 Como
Phone: +39.031.332.7564