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PoliCloud Laboratory on Cloud, Internet of Things and Big Data

PoliCloud Lab is the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud designed, managed and deployed by Politecnico di Milano and made possible by donations from IBM and Yahoo (YSTAR Yahoo Servers To Academic Researchers Program). PoliCloud Lab is a joint initiative of three departments of Politecnico di Milano - namely Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (DEIB), Mathematics (DMEC) and Design - to create a cloud infrastructure for research and experimentation on big data, distributed computing, cloud architectures and Internet of Things (IoT).

Coordinated by DEIB, PoliCloud Lab brings to researchers and students the flexibility and scalability of cloud-computing infrastructures and at the same time the potential of big data and IoT.

PoliCloud Lab aims to become a testbed for the development of research on various topics. Among them are:

  • Development of CPU and/or storage intensive cloud applications with high availability requirements
  • Development and test of new cloud infrastructures
  • Design of new adaptive algorithms for allocation/deallocation of Virtual Machines
  • Development of cyber physical systems that integrate small devices and wireless sensor networks with cloud-based components
  • Design and test of new energy-efficient workload allocation policies in clouds
  • Big data applications and social network data analysis


Representative of the Como campu in the Operating Committee

prof. Piero Fraternali

Contact Point
Alessandro Frossi
Ph. +39.02.2399.3564

For more information visit the section dedicated to Interdepartmental Laboratories > PoliCloud Laboratory on Cloud, Internet of Things and Big Data on Politecnico di Milano website.