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Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science and Master of Science)

Computer Science and Engineering

The strongly interdisciplinary nature of computer engineering and of its ever growing applications requires a wider and wider set of skills, which include computer architectures, information systems, database management systems, web technologies, pervasive systems, multimedia systems, computer graphics,
artificial intelligence – to mention a few of them.

The Programmes in Computer Science and Engineering are designed not just to fit this scenario, but also to stimulate its growth, as it aims at training engineers with a solid background, capable of developing and exploiting the methods and the tools of information and automation engineering in a broad variety of applications.

The resulting professional profile is highly requested in the job market.


The Como Campus of the Politecnico di Milano offers the following Programmes in Computer Science and Engineering:

Career options and profiles

The applications of computer engineering are continuously growing and spreading through different domains. As a matter of fact, such fields constitute the basis of research and development of new products and technologies with a strong industrial appeal. Experts in computer engineering are expected to have a broad cultural profile, characterized by the ability of solving new problems, but also of managing traditional applications with consolidated technologies.

Professional, managerial and entrepreneurial career profiles can be pursued by graduates in Computer Science and Engineering. Indeed, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the technological field that rewards qualified graduates the most, and the job market in Italy’s north-west and Lombardy requires M. Sc. graduates in Computer Science and Engineering in particular. According to a recent survey by the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce, there has been a significant increase in the demand for electronic and information engineers, due to the contribution in terms of innovation that the manufacturing industry expects from those professionals, in order to regain competitivity and productivity.