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Bachelor of Science in Engineering of Computing Systems

Programme duration

3 years

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In the past few decades, information sciences (automation, computer science, electronics and telecommunications) have had a strong influence on productive processes and on society at large.

Information sciences have become, in fact, the driving force of the evolution of society and of its culture, and have triggered industrial innovation and promoted novel and advanced services.

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering of Computing Systems has the objective of preparing engineers with a broad range of information technology methodologies used to deal with and solve complex problems. The Computer Engineer is also able to design computers, networks of computers, telephones, and satellites, mobile devices, PDAs, and innovative solutions such as e-Business, e-Learning, e-Government.

How to apply

The "Laurea" (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) programme is an undergraduate degree obtained after a three-year programme of study and aims to provide a solid foundation in the core scientific subjects as well as more specialized, professional training. During the third year, the student is expected to acquire work experience by doing an internship at a company or studio. Once the student obtains the "Laurea", he/she can either directly enter the job market or continue his/her studies by applying to the "Laurea Magistrale" (equivalent to the Master of Science) or to a 1st level Specializing Master.

In order to enter the "Laurea" (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) programmes, it is compulsory to attend and pass an entrance test.

> All information about how to apply are available on the Polinternational website

Mission and goals

The Computer Engineering graduate is an expert with a university background, capable of designing and implementing management information systems, of automating services in public and private organizations using Internet and Web technologies, of developing multimedia systems, of controlling production systems and other complex industrial systems, of modelling the environment, of implementing applications with robotics and artificial intelligence techniques, of building network architectures, of developing integrated systems and equipment for factory supervision and control.

The Bachelor of Science in Como Campus is offered with "attendance" and also "on-line". The online track (IOL - informatica OnLine) is available for students that want to organize their study according to their needs. There is no difference between this track and the classic one in terms of professors, study plan and exams.

Online Track website

Career opportunities

Generally speaking, the Computing Systems Engineer is dedicated to the design and implementation of company information systems, automation of services in public and private bodies using Web and multimedia technologies, development of intelligent systems, design of network architectures and systems, robotics, etc.


pdf Brochure_ING_INF_Como.pdf - Brochure Bachelor of Science in Engineering of Computing Systems at Como Campus (in Italian)