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Master of Science in Engineering Physics - Track: Semiconductor Nanotechnologies

Programme duration

2 years (one year in Como Campus)

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The main educational objective of this Master of Science programme is to prepare an engineer able to “produce” innovation both in the industrial environment as well as in basic research and which is highly competitive in the global market, with particular reference to the physical and optical technology, nanotechnology and photonic sectors. The physical engineer can approach all sectors in which advanced technological systems are developed: lasers, photonics, materials technology, biomedical optics, etc.

The objective of this programme is to prepare an engineer who is able to innovate both in the industrial environment and in fundamental research.
The graduates will have a broad cultural and scientific foundation on solid-state and modern physics, and its state-of-the-art applications in photonics and nanoelectronics.

Career opportunities in the Physics Engineering field are extremely wide and varied. In particular, graduates can approach all the sectors in which advanced technological systems are developed, such as photonic devices, semiconductorand graphene-based nanoelectronics, and thin film deposition. Moreover, masters graduates can work in strategic consultancy companies or can continue their academic education with a PhD program towards a professional career in academic or industrial research.

Track: Semiconductor Nanotechnologies

The Semiconductor Nanotechnology track, whose second year will be held at the Como campus, will comprise experimental laboratory modules set in the active research environment of the L-NESS Inter-university centre. These modules will directly introduce the students to hands-on semiconductor nanostructure characterization.

The Semiconductor Nanotechnologies track shares a number of basic subjects with the other two Engineering Physics tracks: Photonics and Nanotechnologies, and Nanophysics and Nanotechnology.

Subjects common to all three tracks, taught to all Engineering Physics students at the Milano Leonardo Campus during the first year:

  • Mathematical Methods for Engineering
  • Solid State Physics
  • Photonics I
  • Automatic Controls
  • Electronics
  • Computer Science
  • Management

Specialized courses covering the following subjects are taught during the second year at the Como Campus of the Polimi:

  • Semiconductor Nanostructures
  • Graphene electronics

in the active research environment of L-NESS.

Career opportunities

The graduate in Engineering Physics can approach all the sectors in which technological systems based on modern physics are developed, such as lasers and their applications, photonics, thin film deposition, innovative materials such as graphene, and microelectronics.

The physical engineer can therefore find employment in companies working in the fields of materials engineering and optoelectronic technologies; companies which use innovative systems and technologies; companies which work with physical, optical and photonic technologies, and public and private research centres.

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