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International students

Are you a foreign student?

Would you like to experience living abroad while studying at the Politecnico di Milano?

The Como Campus offers you the opportunity to enroll in courses taught entirely in English. Our campus is located in a small, beautiful city where access to facilities is quite easy. Our student body is highly international.
There are many international students at the Como Campus, attending international Masters, the Erasmus program or Master of Science courses. Here they find the high quality teaching of the Politecnico di Milano with up-to-date and advanced teaching methods and support services to all the activities of the academic life.


In order to support  your arrival and your stay and receive information concerning accommodation, the stay permit, health insurance and anything concerning life, cultural and recreational activities in Como, contact the Welcome Desk (International students) or the StuDesk Como (International mobility students).

Project Formare Ingegneri Stranieri in Italia

The project Formare Ingegneri Stranieri in Italia was set up upon the collaboration among  Politecnico di Milano, ICE (Istituto Nazionale per il Commericio Estero), Unioncamere and the Chambers of Commerce of Lecco and Como.

The project aims at promoting the education of foreign students who are highly qualified in technology, the entrepreneurial culture and the Italian managerial style and  making them able to transfer these skills and values within the enterprises located in their countries as well as facilitating the business relations between the companies in their countries and those of the Como and Lecco areas.

Guide for International Students

pdf Guide_international_2016-1017_Como.pdf (1.14 MB) - Guide for International Students - Como - 2016-2017

Cost of life

pdf COSTS_OF_LIFE__Como_2016-2017.pdf - Tab of approximate costs of living in Como

Welcome Week

The aim of the Welcome Week is to provide students with all details about how to start their programmes at Politecnico di Milano.

> Welcome Week

Applied Mathematics Course

The Applied Mathematics course is a mandatory course for all international students admitted to the Master of Science Programme in Computer Science and Engineering in Como Campus.

Learning objectives:
The main objective of the course is the review of most of the mathematical tools that are generally assumed as prerequisite in the Master of Science Programmes. Topics range from Analysis to Linear Algebra. Emphasis is put on the practical use of the mathematical ideas rather than on theory and theorems.

Course program:

  • Vectors and matrices: Operations with vectors and matrices, determinant of a matrix, inverse of a matrix, linear independence, coordinates, rank of a matrix, homogeneous linear systems, Rouchè's theorem, Cramer's theorem and Cramer's rule, Gauss-Jordan elimination.
  • Functions of one real variable: Definition and examples, limit of a function, continuous functions, derivative of a function, mean value theorem, curve sketching, integral of a continuous function, the fundamental theorem of calculus, computation of integrals.
  • Functions of several variables: Definition and examples, continuous functions, partial derivatives, the linear approximation of a function, differentiable functions, second derivatives and Schwarz's theorem, the Hessian matrix and its applications, integral of a function of two variables, iterated integrals, change of variables, integrals in polar coordinates.

The course is held before the regular lessons start, at the I semester.
More info:
> Foreign students (Welcome Desk)