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25th Anniversary of Como Campus

25th Anniversary


The Como Campus  celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013, concomitant with of the 150th anniversary of Politecnico di Milano.

A year full of events, seminars and conferences, theater performances, exhibits, laboratories, lessons and theme-specific meetings, open to citizens and local institutions on issues of research and teaching of the Como Campus, from our history and to the future.



Cycle of Conferences

Lectures (in Italian) organized in collaboration with l'ISIS Paolo Carcano di Como, to promote the scientific culture:

La Olivetti di Adriano Olivetti e l'informatica italiana

pdf Locandina_Olivetti_Renzi_25esimo.pdf (241.25 KB) - Prof. Emilio Renzi (22nd February 2013)

L'informatica delle persone: reti sociali, giochi seri e scienza dei cittadini

pdf Locandina_Informatica_Fraternali.pdf (217.46 KB) - Prof. Piero Fraternali (8th March 2013)

Soft audio: il suono immateriale

pdf Locandina_Sound_Sarti.pdf (240.27 KB) - Prof. Augusto Sarti (12th April 2013)

Archeoastronomia: la scienza delle stelle e delle pietre

pdf Locandina_Archeoastronomia_Magli.pdf (631.28 KB) - Prof. Giulio Magli (18th April 2013)

La sfida della ripresa. Riflessioni sulla situazione economica in Europa e in Italia

pdf Locandina_Economia_Tajoli.pdf - Prof.ssa Lucia Tajoli (8th May 2013)

Sweepstakes Storie del Lago di Como

Sweepstakes, sponsored in collaboration with the Assessorato alle Politiche Educative of the Comune di Como, and open to students of Primary and Secondary Schools of First Instance of the city, with the aim of stimulating among the young generation approach to the theme of water.

Polisocial Event

Event organized in collaboration with Polisocial: Opportunities in International Cooperation: between development and humanitarian aid - Meeting with Luca Palazzotto, a former student of Politecnico di Milano, that through its long experience of international cooperation will show how to enrich the training with project experience in the field.

TEDxLakeComo Event

The event in Como is organized in collaboration with TEDxLakeComo: TEDxLakeComoChange 2013 in live streaming from Seattle.

pdf Locandina_TEDxChange.pdf - (3rd April 2013)

Presentation results of "Summit on Innovation Leadership"

Villa del Grumello (Como), 13 settembre 2013 - ore 17.00

Public presentation of the results of the Summit Creating Innovation Leaders  that has gathered world-renown scholars from Europe, North America, China, Australia, Israel and Chile, to discuss the future of innovation in key areas.

Event organized in collaboration with ASP (Alta Scuola Politecnica) and thanks to the contribution of Como’s Camera di Commercio.

Noi siamo le colonne

Path of thirty shots in black and white made ​​by the students of the laboratory of photojournalism school cine video Dreamers, held by Gin Angri.

On the occasion of the 25. anniversary of the Como Campus, the dreamers have entered within the walls of the University.
From the new headquarters in Via Valleggio to the historic building in Via Natta, from Lecture theatres filled with students to the mysterious experimental laboratories, the universe of Como Campus has been explored in all its parts.

pdf Locandina_mostra_Dreamers.pdf - (27 September – 4 October 2013)

Multimedia storytelling


On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Como Campus, the history of Como Campus has been transformed into a "history" multimedia - through the instrument author "1001storia" - from the HOC Lab of the Politecnico di Milano, thanks to prof. Paolo Paolini and Prof. Nicoletta Di Blas and for the initiative of prof. Pierluigi Della Vigna and prof. Roberto Negrini.


> Multimedia storytelling on the history of Como Campus (in italian)