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ATGLab - Assistive Technology Group

The ATGLab - Assistive Technology Group was founded in 2009 by Prof. Fabio Salice, to support the research and the teaching of researchers, teachers and students in the field of assistive technologies for fragile persons, with special attention to the elderly and to people with minor cognitive impairment.

The lab develops its activities considering the needs at the center of each initiative and pursuing the following mission: identify, forecast, implement, promote and apply innovative method and technology from ICT for the development of sustainable solutions for fragility (disabled, elderly, difficulties, ) and for digital inclusion, which guarantees the recovery of functionality, social integration, equal opportunities, health, self-determination and quality of life.

In particular, the main activities include:

  • Design and development of interfaces for the control in indoor environments and for communication.
  • Design and development of detection systems suitable for monitoring the fragile subjects in indoor environments.
  • Analysis and interpretation of data sensors and multi-sensors fusion for the characterization of the behavior and of its changes in fragile people in indoor environments.
  • Development of methods for the detection of both human and hardware faults in indoor environments.
  • Semantic visualization of data.
  • Analysis, design and development of Social software to increase the value of both social inclusion and socialization.
  • Adaptive Interfaces.
  • Design and development of HW/SW tools to support motor fragilities.


prof. Fabio Salice


Via Anzani 42, 22100 Como
Phone: +39.031.332.7616