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Each year, Politecnico di Milano, through competition, offers a number of economic benefits including scholarships, grants for participation in international mobility programs, degree awards, fiduciary loans at subsidized interest rates, facilities for accommodation and meals.

For more information visit the section dedicated to Financial Aid on Politecnico di Milano website.


Scuola di Como

The Scuola di Como, on the experience of universities of merit, it is proposed as a center of excellence for the training of students of University and institutes of higher Education of Como allowed on the basis of merit and motivation as a result of a competition.

The aim of the Scuola di Como is to create a group formed by students with excellent merits and skills very distant from each other (scientists, humanists, artists and musicians), willing to get involved to acquire the ability to look the future with new eyes and to use their study route as a springboard towards a chance to change the future.

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