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Do you have a Master of Science (or equivalent qualification) and do you want to manage researches and develop innovative skills by starting a doctoral program? 

The Ph.D. degree is the highest academic degree awarded. The Doctoral Programs of Politecnico di Milano aim to develop the professional competence to carry out high level research in manufacturing and service companies, public bodies and universities.

Access to Ph.D. programs is by selection.

The PhD courses at the Politecnico di Milano offer to selected students, with good qualification and with the will to explore and innovate, the opportunity to become top professionals in specific, highly scientific, technological, social and economic domains. PhDs have the capacity to finalize and manage researches, and, even during their doctoral program, they develop innovative skills which can be immediately implemented.

The Como Campus hosts several students who attend their doctoral studies within the premises and laboratories of the university.

Among the most important PhD courses held at the Como Campus it's proper to mention:

For further information visit the Phd website.