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Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits Laboratory

The Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits Laboratory (SemIC-Lab) is devoted to the scientific and technological research in the field of Semiconductor Radiation Detectors and associated CMOS integrated Electronics for the analog-digital processing of the related signals.

Innovative devices for ionizing radiation and particles and their associated front-end electronics are designed and studied in their fundamental properties in order to establish a new state of the art.

Research activity on GaAs, CdTe, SiC radiation detectors and on CMOS and BiCMOS low-power minimum‑noise integrated circuits has been made or are currently running.

SemIC-Lab is equipped with advanced instrumentation for the design and the experimental characterization of electron devices and application specific integrated circuits.

Training of students for master degree in electronic and information engineering, PhD students and Post‑doc young researchers is a fundamental part of our mission.


prof. Giuseppe Bertuccio


Via Anzani 42, 22100 Como
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