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Physics of Materials


prof. Giovanni Isella


The activities of Politecnico di Milano in Inter-university Centre LNESS (Laboratory for Silicon Epitaxial Nanostructures and Spintronics) follow the lines of research in Physics of Materials:

  • Growth and characterisation of nanostructured materials (especially thin layers and nanostructures based on semiconductors, metals and magnetic oxides) aimed at the production of devices for new micro-electronics, photonics and spintronics technologies.
  • Growth and characterization of new mateirals for spintronics, aimed at integrating low-dimension magnetic elements with the more conventional semiconductor electronics. Interesting systems are nanostructured artificial materials, like thin-film multi-layer materials (magnetic oxides and metals) and iron-magnet-semiconductor hybrid structures.
  • Stuy of the role of reticular defects in the development of self-organized nanostructures. Metallic materials (light alloys with high mechanical resistance) and composite systems on semiconductor substrate are the main focus of the research.