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Some history of Como Campus

Multimedia storytelling


On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Como Campus, the history of Como Campus has been transformed into a "history" multimedia - through the instrument author "1001storia" - from the HOC Lab of the Politecnico di Milano, thanks to prof. Paolo Paolini and Prof. Nicoletta Di Blas and for the initiative of prof. Pierluigi Della Vigna and prof. Roberto Negrini.


> Multimedia storytelling on the history of Como Campus (in italian)



History of Como Campus

The Como Campus is the "oldest" of the Politecnico di Milano's territorial Campuses, founded in 1989, thanks to collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Como Industrial Union.

In 2002 the Como school of Politecnico di Milano becomes Regional Como Campus. Professor Pierluigi Della Vigna becomes deputy vice-rector of the Campus. On 1st November of the same year Professor Roberto Negrini is appointed deputy vice-rector.

In July 2003, the first students of the bachelorís degree in Engineering graduate. In October begin the lessons for the Master of Science courses.

In March 2005 the building in via Anzani 42 is inaugurated. It is the location of the Regional Excellence Center financed by the Politecnico, the Fondazione Cariplo, the municipality of Como and the local authority of Lombardia. The Center includes the L-NESS laboratory for nanotechnology, a collaboration with the University of Milano-Bicocca.

In the Academic Year 05/06 the Politecnico, together with the Istituto Nazionale per il Commercio Estero (ICE), Unioncamere and the Camere di Commercio of Como and Lecco, starts the project "Formare ingegneri stanieri in Italia" in Como and Lecco, which provides scholarships for foreign graduates to attend the Master of Science in Computer Engineering and Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering. Because of this project, courses for the Master of Science in Computer Engineering and the Master of Science in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering are taught in English and take an international flavour. Next year the project is extended to the Master of Science in Environment and Land Planning Engineering, whose courses are also given in English.

In 2011 the Como Campus of Politecnico di Milano becomes Territorial Como Campus. Professor Maria Antonia Brovelli becomes vice-rector of the Campus for the period 2011-2016.

In May 2016 was inaugurated in Como the university residence "La presentazione". After the property renovation made by Politecnico di Milano, the nineteenth-century house regained his old magnificence and become a beautiful university college, able to host 165 italian and foreign students.

In 2017, the Academic Senate deliberates the end of the teaching at the Como Campus, which however remains with its own research center in Via Anzani, 42